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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

1.07 That Harness thing

In the last post, I teased you about my harness, and then I dropped off the face of the earth.  Not very fair, I'm sure, but sadly we all have real lives (I hope) apart from reading and writing this blog. :-)

So you're familiar with this:

Well, this is what mine looks like on the back-side:

Which is to say, I have completed  a back side to this shield which is more than just the seams of glue you get when you follow the basic 1.0 Assembly method.  I'm ashamed to tell you I don;t have measured drawings for that pie plate shape, but since the OD of the shield is 28", the OD of the pie plat is 24", and the OD of the flat part of the pie plate is 18".  When you hold up the pie plate to the assembled shield, you get a little gap between the front and the back along the face of the flat part of the pie plate which, if we were just making this for laughs, can remain unfilled.

However, if you want to create a harness for the shield which can strap on your back, and can catch the shield to walk around with it and then release with a tug, you need to install a round magnet inside the cavity where you can see the worn circle mark in this photo.  The magnet I used as a 65lb 3" magnet from Harbor Freight, and I secured it inside with some foam board cut to size and some hot glue.  The foam board was to set the position positively, and the glue simply keeps the magnet from rattling around.  There is also a magnet 180 degrees from that position in case I put the shield on my back upside down.

What I have on my back looks like this:

The reason this tutorial step was delayed is that I was trying to build a more genuine replica than the one shown in the picture (one made of leather, and which looks like the metal buckle Cap has in TWS).  But: that is taking longer than I expected, so I am posting this to hold you at bay until I can get that right, and showing you the prototype made with a 4" electrical box cover, 4 D rings, and 2 x 1" nylon straps from WAL*MART.  The magnet in the center of this one is a 4" 95lb magnet from harbor Freight, and when it is facing the 65lb magnet, they are pretty tight.

Before assembling this device, however, you need to take the 95lb magnet and position it on the 65 lb magent in such a way that you get the strongest positive lock between them -- the position where the "S" pole of one is lined up to the "N" pole of the other, and the smaller ring is entirely inside the larger ring.  When you find that position, mark the top of the outside magnet with a "T" and the bottom with a "B" to make sure you build your harness rightside up.

Assemble the buckle as shown, and then try it on.

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